Our values

Coquille Saint-Jacques

A family group
with unifying values

Since its inception, our family business has been driven by intrinsic and meaningful values. We are a solid and united regional network, driving the development of local employment and pursuing a policy committed to the preservation of our environment.

This long-term vision is resolutely forward-looking and commits us to a human approach with a collective spirit, in order to ensure we “grow together” in Brittany.

This collaborative project is our strength and is based on four fundamental values: employment in Brittany, local sourcing, ongoing investment and innovation:



Employment in Brittany

Founded by Noël Le Graët, our group is committed to developing people-centred companies. Our ten SMEs, all located in Brittany, are integral in ensuring long-lasting employment.

The involvement and work of every single person not only streamlines, but also leaves a considerable mark on our collective projects. This team spirit is a solid and simple basis for building our strategy.

Groupe Le Graët

Local supply

A region brimming with food-bearing farmland and waters, Brittany is at the heart of our efforts to achieve our main objective: to provide healthy meals while respecting local resources.

Firmly rooted in our local supply chain, our SMEs have all bought into this regional, sustainable and responsible strategy; our own fish and seafood chain, our privileged agricultural partners, our suppliers of French meat and vegetables, and our packaging suppliers all share our main objective.

Our daily approach feeds into our positive and dynamic efforts to promote the local economy by giving us more opportunities to do something good for our environment.

Mère Lalie Binic Gastronomie Pot Le Parfait

Ongoing investment

Our family-owned group is committed to the future by optimising our performance indicators on a daily basis, in order to consolidate our position in the French market.

Our SMEs in the food industry and fish trade focus on productivity and ongoing industrial investment as a means of promoting the sustainability of their various activities. These actions are also carried out to improve working conditions, employee health and safety, and food safety.

Celtigel recherche et développement


Our firm and daily insistence on innovation at our production sites is ingrained in our DNA and key to our competitiveness in the market.

That’s why all our sites have their own research and development laboratory, which serve up creative, mouth-watering and gourmet recipes, in line with consumer trends and the current times.

To bring new projects to life that are in keeping with social developments, all our departments are able – and are flexible enough – to meet the challenges of the future.