icone-Petite Balade Petite Balade

A premium tinned food brand
for cats and dogs

Immensely proud of our expertise, our Pet Food company founded the brand Petite Balade. The products in our cats and dogs range embody not only our many skills, but also our commitment to local and premium foods.

Our teams concoct innovative recipes and comprehensive ranges, serving up delicious and healthy meals to ensure optimal animal health.

A brand imbued
with great flavours

Petite Balade’s large and balanced meals meet the daily nutritional needs of cats (whose liking for gourmet food is well-known) and dogs (for whom foods must be easily digestible).

To ensure a healthy and balanced diet, no products in our Petite Balade range contain cereals, colouring, preservatives, carcasses or dehydrated meat.

Prepared using the best French natural cuts of meat and offal, and fish mostly sourced from Brittany-based fish auction houses, Petite Balade products are cooked slowly and at a low temperature to preserve the nutritional qualities of their ingredients.

Petite Balade: a local and premium range

Each recipe contains at least 60%-70% meat, offal or fish, and to ensure optimal taste and digestibility, real pieces of vegetables and fruit supplement the meaty component (depending on the recipe). Vitamins and minerals essential to our pets’ health are also added to our formulations, guaranteeing a well-rounded and balanced daily diet.

Tinned and jarred dog food

Tinned and jarred cat food