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A major player in wet pet food

Since its inception in 1967, Fidèle has specialised in the production of tinned wet food for cats and dogs.

Established in Guingamp (22) in a very dynamic and international market, our Brittany-based SME is the last remaining family-owned cannery dedicated to the production of pet food.

Fidèle offers a wide range of textures and flavours, such as mousses, pieces in jelly and sauces, pâtés and terrines. Our recipes for cats and dogs are highly diverse (organic, cereal-free, premium and MSC – sustainable fishing).

Great expertise in wet pet food

Fidèle fully and effectively meets the varying specifications of supermarket own-brands, distributing its products across France(supermarkets, specialised channels, pure-players and leading own-brand retailers) and abroad.

Food safety is
our everyday priority

Since 1992, when we obtained our first certification, ISO 9002, Fidèle has always strived for transparency by certifying its factory and its production processes. Since 2008, our pet food SME has held both the IFS and BRC certifications, awarded by independent certification bodies which carry out annual and unannounced audits.

Our production and quality control departments inspect all our products throughout the production process to ensure they are ready to be put on the market. Food safety Culture is the priority of all our employees — a principle based on three fundamental values: quality, respect and thoroughness.

For each of our ranges, whether organic, cereal-free, MSC (sustainable fishing) or premium, all our raw materials, sourced as close as possible to our factory, have been carefully selected and verified. All of our fresh meat and fish is sourced from approved and accredited abbatoirs and fishmongers.

To ensure the digestive health of cats and dogs, all of our recipes comply with applicable regulations and established nutritional requirements (vitamins, trace elements, proteins, etc.). Our products are approved by vets and external panels.

fidèle, photo entreprise

High-performing production equipment

PRODUCTIVE: With one production line and two packaging lines, our state-of-the-art pet food company, at the cutting edge of automation, regularly invests in high-performance industrial machinery.

POLYVALENT: Our ranges are available in many different weights, from the smallest 200 g format to 1.2 kg formats, perfectly suited to cats and dogs of all sizes. Our packaging lines allow us to combine packaging materials (e.g.: film and cardboard boxes) or simply individual tins.

INNOVATIVE: As part of a continuous improvement process, our Brittany-based pet food SME has its own R&D department. Our efficient formulation software also ensures complete, balanced recipes for our cats and dogs.

CSR commitments

In 2003, the Le Graët group, a company aiming to protect employment in Brittany in the long term, took over the Nestlé Purina Petcare factory to protect jobs and production in Guingamp. This commitment to a dynamic local economy still drives the group and Fidèle to this day.

Awarded the PME+ label for its ethical and responsible practices, Fidèle is forever strengthening its social and environmental commitments:

Key figures

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Factory built by Cofranic



Company acquired by the Nestlé group (Friskies)



Purchased by the Le Graët group


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Investment to enhance processes and renovate buildings

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