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L’Île bleue, a authentically Brittany-based company

Founded in 1997, l’Île Bleue is located between Argoat and Armor, putting it in direct contact with the fish trade and vegetable producers in Brittany.

l’Île Bleue preserves are the result of authentic tasty recipes, made using carefully selected fresh ingredients sourced primarily from our local suppliers.

Firmly committed to preserving, protecting and promoting the region, L’Île Bleue upholds strong beliefs, which are also shared by its teams and its network of suppliers.

That’s why many L’Île Bleue products have been awarded multiple certifications, such as Label Rouge, AB and MSC, and are produced exclusively in Brittany.

At the heart of every meal or course, whether a starter or an aperitif shared with friends, is a journey through Brittany alongside men and women who are committed to their work and to preserving, protecting and promoting the region’s food-bearing farmland and waters.

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