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Seafood trade,
a long-standing area of expertise

Our fish and seafood division was born out of a desire to promote the incredibly rich fish and seafood products of Brittany.

Its origins date back to the fishing crisis in 1995, when Noël Le Graët and the representatives of the fishermen’s cooperative of Saint-Brieuc Bay together decided to establish the Celtarmor fishmonger’s workshop in Saint-Quay-Portrieux.

This was a match made in heaven; the Le Graët group now possesses the industrial and commercial expertise to enhance and promote raw and cooked scallops, while fishermen help to preserve this species through responsible fishing, thereby guaranteeing the product’s unrivalled quality.

But even today, this partnership marrying the expertise of fishermen’s cooperatives and a private company is still unique in France.

Five specialist and complementary fish and seafood processing companies

Our fish and seafood division brings together five companies with complementary specialities, supplying fish and shellfish to all seafood clients (distributors, restaurants and fishmongers in France and abroad) and to the group’s SMEs.

Celtarmor in Saint-Quay-Portrieux (22); Pêcheries d’Armoriques in Erquy (22); Gallen in Corcarneau (29), in Guilvinec (29) and in Erquy (22); Halios Men ar Groas in Guilvinec (29); and Jaffray in Lorient (59) and Redon (56).

Age-old expertise
combining passion, tradition and innovation

As seafood product experts, our fishmongers are able to perfectly tailor their offer to our clients’ needs, depending on the season and deliveries. Our processing plants are recognised for their age-old and multi-faceted expertise in fish processing and are major players in the French and European fish trades.

Prepared and packaged in our Brittany workshops, our seafood products derive from responsible and mostly regional fishing, landed on the Western French coast from Dieppe all the way down to Arcachon via Brest. The precise art of processing our fish, shellfish and cephalopods is perfectly mastered by our experienced and committed employees.

Thanks to regular investment, our employees are able to process products in optimised working conditions without compromising their quality.

We can therefore offer our partners (supermarkets, French and European wholesalers, fishmongers and restaurants) a wide range of fresh, cooked, deli and frozen products.


Saint-Brieuc Bay scallops, an authentic treasure

Rare, natural and wild, and fished in Saint-Brieuc Bay, the Pecten maximus scallop is an exceptional fish product, revered by top chefs. Delicate and flavoursome, our scallops are shelled exclusively in sea water to preserve their original taste and do not contain additives or preservatives.

The fishermen of Saint-Brieuc Bay have been forerunners in the sustainable and meticulous management of their stock for over 40 years.

Our label rouge-certified scallops are shelled in our Celtarmor workshop. They are distinguished by their outstanding taste and guaranteed freshness, thanks to very short fishing and allotted processing times.


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Key Dates


Establishment of Celtarmor (Saint-Quay-Portrieux 22)


Acquisition of Halios (Le Guilvinec and Saint Guénolé 29)


Acquisition of Pêcheries d’Armorique (Erquy 22). Establishment of the Fipêche holding company, bringing together the three subsidiaries.


Acquisition of “Marée de Saint – Malo” (35).


Merger of Marée de Saint-Malo and Pêcheries d’Armorique.


Acquisition of a stake in Gallen, Jaffray and Men ar Groas.


Merger of Charly Guennec and Hallios, which became Men ar Groas.
Investment of €3 million in Halios Men ar Groas to renovate the facility.


Full takeover of Gallen and Jafray by the Le Graët group.