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A fish, seafood and vegetable cannery in Brittany

Our family cannery in Brittany, Délices de la Mer, specialises in soups, spreads and sauces and has been promoting traditional regional dishes since 1992.

Committed to local sourcing, our cannery prioritises Brittany-based suppliers. To ensure responsible fishing, we only cook fresh fish sourced from our integrated fish and seafood chain (Breton wholesale fish markets).

Innovative, ambitious and dynamic, our SME effectively tailors its service and efficiently meets the varied specifications of our supermarket own-brand clients.

Authentic and varied recipes

Drawing on its age-old expertise, Les Délices de la Mer offers fish, shellfish, vegetables, and gourmet creamy sauce-based preserves. Made using fresh ingredients and steeped in culinary tradition, our soups and spreads are renowned for their excellent taste.

Our teams satisfy all our partners’ requests, whether they are supermarkets, from specialised channels, out-of-home catering companies or leading own-brand retailers. Les Délices de la Mer also manufactures products for national brands.

Aware of the abundant culinary riches of the region, the creative and inventive R&D team at our Brittany-based cannery regularly comes up with brand-new, balanced gourmet recipes.

Les Délices de la mer - Soupe bouteille verre
Les Délices de la mer - Rillette-boite-métal

High-performance production equipment

HIGH-PERFORMING: Part of the Le Graët group, our company regularly invests in its industrial equipment in order to optimise our production capacity, and, in turn, remain highly competitive. Thanks to our various production lines, we are able to produce large bisques and soup portions, fish rillettes and gourmet spreads, as well as sauces and fillings imbued with delectable aromas. We adapt our production process to the demands of our customers and their distribution channels.

RIGOUROUS: Our company guarantees the food safety of its products by using some of the most advanced detection devices on the market and ensuring strict product traceability.

AGILE : Thanks to our high-performance industrial equipment and 30 years’ experience, we can effectively meet a wide variety of specifications, in various volumes, formats and packaging (doypacks, metal tins and glass containers).

CSR commitments

Key figures

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Key Dates


Monsieur Le Bourhis founds the cannery


The Le Graët group acquires a 34% stake in the company


Launch of the l’Île Bleue brand


Relocation to Plélo (Investment of 3 million euros).


IFS and Ecocert certifications and the Le Graët group increases its stake to 68%


Fully taken over by the Le Graët group


Investment to improve production, quality and working conditions and to reduce energy consumption.

Our brands

logo Île Bleue

L’Ile Bleue

Our divisions in the spotlight! Our committed brand, serving supermarkets and specialised channels.

logo les recettes Beaumoulin

Les recettes Beaumoulin

A committed brand serving the out-of-home catering industry

Les Délices de la mer conserverie bretonne maritime conserverie de légumes

Les Délices de la Mer

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