Preserving the environment

As a pioneer in efforts to protect Brittany’s fish reserves, by integrating our own fish and seafood trade, we are working hard to offer excellent dishes through an entirely virtuous and responsible production process carried out in the best possible conditions.

The raw materials

Many of our fresh ingredients comply with ethics and sustainability charters, including label rouge, MSC, Agriculture Biologique [Organic Farming] and Dolphin Safe, attesting to our work to preserve the local environment and ecosystems.

Similarly, our fishery resources are regularly monitored to protect the seabed and the reproduction of species.

Through local and responsible sourcing in the form of short supply chains, we have managed to reduce our carbon footprint and continue to contribute to the regional and French economy.

Celtigel photo usine


We have eco-designed our packaging using recycled and recyclable materials (cardboard, glass, bagasse pulp and metal tins produced in France).

Our packaging engineers analyse possible solutions to integrate them into the manufacturing process, in order to reduce plastic use, avoid over-packaging and reduce their environmental impact.

They are constantly looking for new technological developments and packaging solutions for the future.

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Energy management

Water and energy consumption are carefully monitored by our SMEs, which use expert systems to collect water for autoclave cooling, and thermal energy for washwater.

We are also phasing out refrigerants that pollute the environment.

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